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PostPosted: Thu Sep 20, 2018 1:24 pm    Post subject: Dark Souls II Movie Download

Dark Souls II Movie Download

A cursed warrior travels to Drangleic, the forgotten land of a once-great king, hoping to find a cure before going insane.
Waiting for the 2nd DLC of Dark Souls 3, I felt like going back to the previous entry for some extra experience, but was kind of worrying that after the phenomenal final chapter, this sequel wouldn't seem as great as the first impression. I was wrong. I had one helluva fun. It's certainly completely different from master Miyazaki's vision, but Yui Tanimura has nevertheless done an excellent job. No wonder that so many people simply become addicted to this franchise. While other games you play, Souls' games you have to survive, but for the time and patience they take, you'll get the unforgettably rewarding gameplay you'll be proud of for the rest of your life and will want for more.
Dark Souls 1 was a very entertaining game, and proved to be a challenge, all the while giving you great visuals, great locations and a fairly decent combat system. Dark Souls 2 on the other hand, is complete and utter garbage.

First of all, the game starts poorly, and has you trotting from one place to the other, without any of the fun the first game provided. Not only this, but the combat has gotten worse! Dark Souls 1 didn't have the greatest combat, as you fight giant creatures by hacking at their ankles. Pretty boring. If this game has boss battles like that on Dragon's Dogma, where you get to climb up them and slash at their heads, the game would have been 10 times better.

Dark Souls so vastly boring, with poorly executed areas, filled with overly complicated fights and stupidly placed enemies. I suppose the idiots you created the game wanted to annoy players as much as possible, and if that was their goal they succeeded. The Dark Souls series has never been great RPG games, but 1 and 3 were at least fun to play, and can prove to be a challenge at times. Dark Souls 2 takes it on a whole other level.

The story - well lore, this time around is not as entertaining as the previous instalments, or its successor, and because of this it feels like a chore having to complete it.

Dark Souls 2 is rubbish, I would avoid this game at all costs. Play the first one, or even the third. Demon Souls is also good, but avoid this game. Don't give the rice-lovers money for this game!


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